What happens if Dermatonics doesn't work on my feet?

If you are not happy with the results, please contact us on either 01480 462910 or info@dermatonics.co.uk and we will offer you a different product to try or refund (upon receipt of proof of purchase and return of product).

When will my Dermatonics order be shipped?

We ship all orders within 1-2 days of your purchase

How will my Dermatonics order be shipped?

We send our orders with either Royal Mail or Courier depending on size.

Where can I view the clinical trials that have been done on Dermatonics products?

All of our most recent clinical trials can be viewed here.

What size container do Dermatonics products come in?

Our foot care products come in a range of sizes depending on the product - But a small, pea size amount of Dermatonics is all you need to see visibly softer feet!

What is it about Dermatonics that softens feet in just 1 day?

Dermatonics products feature an ingredient called Urea. Urea is the skin's natural moisturiser and it is a vital ingredient in foot care products designed to soften skin. Podiatrists and dermatologists agree that in order for a foot cream to be effective, Urea must be a key ingredient.