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Welcome to Dermatonics

Our company was founded by UK skincare professionals in 2008. We’re passionate about developing effective products that really do make a difference for people with a wide selection of skin conditions. Many are vegetarian-friendly and in some cases, vegan-friendly too. See our individual product pages for details.

Every item in our range is safe, effective and has been carefully formulated with extensive research and product testing. Beyond this, they are also enjoyable to use and include nature-led ingredients such as Manuka honey, Finnish colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, Swedish oat lipids and many others.

NEW Dermatonics Deodorising Fizzy Foot Foam

Our Deodorising Fizzy Foot Foam instantly cools, deodorises and refreshes hot, tired feet — producing a unique fizzing sensation to revive the skin, as well as featuring menthol and New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Just £4.99

The Dermatonics Natural Care Range

This range includes scientifically-proven ingredients which have a long history in the treatment of delicate foot skin especially. Proven to treat conditions such as dry or cracked skin and itching, these products can make a noticeable difference within just days, leaving your skin feeling beautifully smooth and fully restored.


Buy Now in Boots!

We’re delighted to confirm that our Dermatonics Natural Care Heel Balm, Soothing Foot Cream and Ultra-Cool Foot Gel are now available to buy in larger Boots stores.

For Healthcare Professionals

Our Prescription Range is listed on the UK Drug Tariff and is widely prescribed by healthcare professionals. Our Heel Balm in particular is the first choice of leaders in the UK diabetic foot field, and is prescribed by the UK National Health Service – where 4,500 GP surgeries recommend it to treat callus in diabetes patients.

The Prescription Range

Our Once Heel Balm, Callus Removing Balm and Dry Skin Balm have been designed to treat a range of skin conditions. We’re proud to confirm that 99% of users reported all dry skin removed after 8 days’ application. They are widely prescribed by healthcare professionals, but you can also buy online without a prescription.

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We hope you enjoy shopping with Dermatonics, and don’t forget to take advantage of our introductory 10% discount voucher! Just enter the code DERMAWELCOME when you check out.