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Developing innovative skin care products for 15 years

Dermatonics is a British brand, based in Cambridgeshire and have been producing innovative topical and dermatological products since 2008.

We have a vision of creating products that are more effective and offer greater benefits than what is currently available in the market. One of the key aspects of our approach is to always use natural ingredients wherever possible.

Our range includes ingredients such as New Zealand Manuka Honey, Finnish colloidal oatmeal, and urea, which is one of the skin's own natural moisturizing factors. In addition, our products use other natural ingredients like peppermint, arnica, chestnut, shea butter, Swedish oat lipids, olive oil, and papaya juice.

Dermatonics products are safe and effective, having undergone extensive research and product testing. Selected products in our range are listed on the UK Drug Tariff, and are prescribed by a variety of health professionals, including GPs, diabetologists, dermatologists, tissue viability nurses, and lymphoedema specialists.

We are proud of the products we have developed, and hope that you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

The Natural Care Range

This range includes ingredients which have a long history in the treatment of delicate foot skin especially. Proven to treat conditions such as dry or cracked skin and itching, these products can make a noticeable difference within just days, leaving your skin feeling beautifully smooth and fully restored.

The Professional Range

Our Once Heel Balm is a highly effective treatment for people with very dry feet, particularly those with diabetes. We are proud to confirm that 99% of users reported all dry skin removed after 8 days application. We also offer a once a day Callus Removing Balm and our popular Dry Skin Balm, for the effective treatment of rough, dry and anhydrotic skin.

The Dermatonics line features New Zealand Manuka Honey.


Manuka Honey is derived from the Manuka flower, native to New Zealand. What makes the Manuka flower so special is that it only blooms 2-6 weeks per year. While our products only contain a small portion of Manuka Honey; larger doses of Manuka have been proven to have a wide range of benefits including improving digestive health and immune system.

Colloidal Oatmeal was the moisturiser used by Romans.


Ancient Egyptians first recognized the beneficial properties of oats around 2000 BC and they were used in Roman times for dermatological issues. Colloidal Oatmeal is finely grained into a powder which can then be suspended into a liquid with insoluble particles; this means it can retain the beneficial effects of the whole grain but be applied and absorbed evenly into the skin. Dermatonics uses Finnish Oats which are renowned for their high-beta glucan levels which enhance the moisturising content.

What exactly is


Urea is a natural moisturizing factor contained within normal human skin and has been widely used as a topical moisturizer for nearly four decades. Urea is thought to make up approximately 7% of the composition of the skins own NMFs. Creams and lotions containing 25% urea appear to be particularly effective moisturizers for the treatment of anhydrosis in patients with diabetes when compared to creams with just 10% urea content.

Every Ingredient we use is carefully selected.

Dermatonics products feature a wide range of ingredients and each one is carefully selected. Our products feature olive oil, shea butter, peppermint, arnica, and even papaya juice in some cases. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose in keeping the skin healthy. 


What happens if Dermatonics doesn't work on my feet?

If you are not happy with the results, please contact us on either 01480 462910 or info@dermatonics.co.uk and we will offer you a different product to try or refund (upon receipt of proof of purchase and return of product).

When will my Dermatonics order be shipped?

We ship all orders within 1-2 days of your purchase

How will my Dermatonics order be shipped?

We send our orders with either Royal Mail or Courier depending on size.

Where can I view the clinical trials that have been done on Dermatonics products?

All of our most recent clinical trials can be viewed here.

What size container do Dermatonics products come in?

Our foot care products come in a range of sizes depending on the product - But a small, pea size amount of Dermatonics is all you need to see visibly softer feet!

What is it about Dermatonics that softens feet in just 1 day?

Dermatonics products feature an ingredient called Urea. Urea is the skin's natural moisturiser and it is a vital ingredient in foot care products designed to soften skin. Podiatrists and dermatologists agree that in order for a foot cream to be effective, Urea must be a key ingredient.

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