Clinical Trials

Dermatonics has been proven to provide results in one day.

At Dermatonics, we have worked with numerous experts to test our product’s efficacy. Medical experts in the podiatry and dermatology field agree that the use of Dermatonics can provide visible results in under 24 hours. Because our products combine ingredients such as oat lipids and urea, Dermatonics is able to quickly moisturize skin back to health.

We combine oat lipid oil and urea to quickly hydrate skin.

Every ingredient in Dermatonics serves a special purpose. We chose to combine oat lipid oil with urea for a number of reasons. Oat lipid oil provides protection to the skin by creating a barrier; it also provides a number of other benefits including acting as an anti-itch and anti-inflammatory. Urea on the other hand is a powerful humectant and quickly hydrates the skin. Urea naturally occurs in the skin and helps aid in the absorption of other ingredients.

Using Dermatonics once a day is enough to restore skin.

Numerous clinical trials with medical professionals have shown that Dermatonics provides visible results in skin health in as little as one day. Patients suffering from many dry skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis know how important it is to find quick relief. Dermatonics has been medically proven to provide results for dry skin conditions in as little as one day. The latest report that we have is a study that was done by medical professionals at Oxford University.