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We’re delighted to confirm that our Dermatonics Natural Care Heel Balm, Soothing Foot Cream and Ultra-Cool Foot Gel are now available to buy in Boots stores and online.

Dermatonics Natural Care Heel Balm

Ideal for people with very dry feet. Contains New Zealand Manuka Honey which hydrates and draws moisture into your skin, with a pleasant scent that appeals to both men and women.

Suitable for people with diabetes, and also vegetarian-friendly.

Dermatonics Natural Care Hard Skin Removing Balm

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly to ensure happy feet for all! Also suitable for people with diabetes.

Highly effective and beautifully scented. Contains moisturising shea butter and hydrating Swedish oat lipids, which work together to gently remove unsightly hard skin.

Once Callus Removing Balm

A scientifically developed ‘once a day’ treatment for severely callused skin. Also available on prescription from healthcare professionals in the UK.

Suitable for people with diabetes

Introducing the Dermatonics Skin Care Range

We have developed a range of highly effective products which include carefully-selected natural ingredients – proven to treat conditions such as dry or cracked skin, and itching. Our products can make a noticeable difference within just days, leaving your skin feeling beautifully smooth and fully restored.

Browse through our range today, to find the right treatment for you. Our products are all tested for safety and are effective, and most are suitable for people with diabetes. Meanwhile we offer vegetarian-friendly and vegan friendly products.

The Dermatonics Natural Care Range

Our Natural Care Range includes a hydrating Heel Balm, a sweet-scented Hard Skin Removing Cream, a Soothing Foot Cream, and an Ultra-Cool Foot Gel – so whatever your foot skin problem, we have a solution that can help.



The Prescription Range

Our Once Heel Balm is a highly effective treatment for people with very dry feet, particularly those with diabetes. We’re proud to confirm that 99% of users reported all dry skin removed after 8 days’ application. We also offer a once a day Callus Removing Balm and our popular Dry Skin Balm, for the effective treatment of rough, dry and anhydrotic skin.



Dermatonics Heel Balm Range

We have a range of highly effective heel balms that have been shown to visibly improve dry and cracked skin on heels and feet in just one day. Our Once Heel Balm is widely prescribed by healthcare professionals and suitable for people with diabetes, while our Natural Heel Balm, made with hydrating Manuka Honey, is also suitable for diabetics and is vegetarian-friendly.



The Ultraveen Body Care Range

Our innovative body care range combines the widely-researched benefits of its two key ingredients – urea and Finnish colloidal oatmeal, both of which help to hydrate and moisturise delicate skin. The Ultraveen Range includes Itch Relief Cream, Daily Wash, Body Lotion, Moisturising Cream, Very Dry Skin Cream, Intensive Balm and Anti-Ageing Hand Balm – ensuring that there is a product to suit your specific needs.





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‘The heel balm is equal to the ‘Greek’ cream product I have been using in terms of helping the cracking. It also seems to have prevented the irritation I always get as well; so far it is now ahead of all other products I have tried.’

Internet Reviewer





Buy Now in Boots!

We’re delighted to confirm that our Dermatonics Natural Care Heel Balm, Soothing Foot Cream and Ultra-Cool Foot Gel are now available to buy in larger Boots stores.