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Our Heritage

Developing innovative skin care products for over 10 years

Dermatonics was established in 2008 and is based in Cambridgeshire, UK. Our vision is to produce innovative topical and dermatological products which have greater efficiency and demonstrable product benefits, when compared to other currently available products. And always using natural ingredients wherever possible.

All of our carefully formulated products are manufactured in the UK and include a range of nature-led ingredients – such as New Zealand Manuka Honey, Finnish colloidal oatmeal and urea, one of the skin’s own natural moisturising factors. We also use other natural ingredients in our products, including peppermint, arnica, chestnut, shea butter, Swedish oat lipids, olive oil and even papaya juice.

We offer our customers safe and effective products, the development of which have been supported by extensive research and product testing. Selected products in our range are listed on the UK Drug Tariff where they are prescribed by a wide range of health professionals including GPs, diabetologists, dermatologists, tissue viability nurses and lymphoedema specialists – amongst many others.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed developing them.

Information for Vegetarians and Vegans

Our Dermatonics Natural Care Range is fully vegetarian-friendly, and the Hard Skin Removing Balm which forms part of this range is also vegan-friendly.



Our products are proven to treat a spectrum of skin conditions, including those experienced by people with diabetes-related foot problems. Selected products in the range are listed on the UK Drug Tariff, where they are prescribed by GPs, diabetologists, dermatologists, tissue viability nurses, lymphoedema specialists and many other healthcare professionals.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Dermatonics supports the phasing out of coal-fired power stations worldwide, due to the impact which this form of electricity generation has on global warming.